The Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk is not a stroll but a challenge.

Depending on what wave you sign up for (you snooze, you lose), you will have between 7 and 9.5 hours to cover the 27.5km of coast.

That means you’ll need to have an average walking pace of somewhere between 15 – 20 minutes to cover one kilometre.  Not a huge ask, but just bear in mind that half of the course is on sandy goodness.

Also bear in mind that you’ll probably want to stop on the way for water refills, nutritional intake, expulsion of urine, selfies and simply to admire the view and spot some whales.

Accumulate an hour and a half of stops and you’ll need to be covering each kilometre in 12 – 17 minutes.

And you’ll need to do this 27.5 times!

If you’re just looking for an easier, shorter stroll that you can do with little kidlets and lotsa stops along the way then make sure you check out our friends at the 5 Lands Walk, which makes up part of our 12 Week Training Plan below:



Just walking is not enough to increase fitness for the Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk so we have implemented a training plan incorporating Interval and Endurance training guide to help you make the distance.

Interval Training: This is a fitness training method that involves periods of high intensity physical effort with recovery. Interval training is the most effective way to increase fitness.

Endurance training: Builds stamina and energy to withstand activity for long periods of time.

Find locations near your home that you can use to work out using hills, stairs, ramps and sand.

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout later in the program to maximize results you can add a weight vest or a pack. This will help strengthen the legs and increase cardio benefits of your training.



Example of interval training (There is no set rule for exertion to recovery scale for interval training):
1-minute hard exertion walk up hill/stairs/ramp, recovery walk back. (if recovery is 2 min, you should manage 10 sets)
Build to 5 min hard exertion walk uphill/stairs /ramp/sand dune. Recover back.  This also helps strengthen legs and calves.

When it comes to walking, if you are limited by time or don’t have access to the ideal walking environment you can consider options such as:

  • Circuit training
  • Walking on treadmill
  • Step machine
  • Etc.
  • The Bay to Bay Running Festival and the 5 Lands Walk are both local events you could do as part of your training for the Lighthouse 2 Skillion Walk

In addition, calf-strengthening exercises are good such as:

  • Calf raises
  • Step ups
  • Skipping
  • Bike riding
  • Trekking/Sand walking.

Barefoot sand walking is good in short bursts as it implements the intrinsic muscles in our feet and legs we wouldn’t normally use by wearing shoes. DO NOT overdo this if you are not used to it as it tends to make us more prone to injury by overuse.

If at possible try to do some training on the actual course or similar as all training on road or hard surfaces will be very different to sand walking. Training over variable terrain WITH ups/downs/trails/sandy underfoot tracks to gain best results.

Please Note: This program is designed for participants with a reasonable base fitness. All exercise involves some risk so please consult your doctor before starting this program.

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