Q. What do I get for my entry fee?
A. A high visibility and very sexy t-shirt, number bib, coin holder, water and nutrition along the way, finisher’s medal and goody bag at the end (if you make it!),  and first aid and emergency support that you hopefully won’t need.

Q. How do I get my L2S Walk Pack?
A. You need to pick your Walk Pack up from either of the start lines at Norah Head Lighthouse or North Entrance Surf Club on the morning of the walk before you start hooning down the coast.

Q. Can a friend pick up my L2S Walk Pack for me?
A. Yes, but only if you ask them really nicely, and they bring along a print-out of your registration confirmation with them.

Q. Can my L2S Walk Pack be mailed out.
A. No.

Q. Can I register on the day?
A. No again.

Q. What if I don’t have a computer to enter online?
A. Then how are you reading this?  Surely you have at least one friend who lives in the modern age and might even have a credit card.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. All walkers must be 13 or over.  Children aged 13 – 15 must walk in the supervision of an adult at all times.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. If it’s a light drizzle, we will still go ahead.  If it’s a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning and cyclonic winds like something out of a Hollywood disaster blockbuster then we might just adjourn to the nearest coffee shop.

Q. What happens if the event is called off?
A. We will postpone the event and run it later in the year, and all registrations will be automatically transferred across.

Q. What if I cannot make it or if I change my mind?
A. As this is a charity event we can’t offer refunds.  We can transfer it across to a friend or even a total stranger.

Q. Are there wave times?
A. The full L2S Walk starts by going down a narrow path beside the Lighthouse, down some narrow stairs to the rocks below, and through a bit of a bottleneck to get past the rocks to Soldiers Beach.  We simply cannot have hundreds and thousands of people all taking off together, so we will be releasing waves of 15 – 20 every minute and you can grab a wave in 15 minute waveblocks.
The Half Walk will be a bit easier-going as there’s no real bottlenecks to worry about.  We’ll just release big happy groups of 250 people every 15 minutes.

Q. I have a friend in an earlier wave that’s sold out.  Can you squeeze me in so I’m not walking alone?
A. Sadly not.  If we start squeezing people in to earlier sold out waves then before you know it we have all 2000 of us trying to squeeze past the Lighthouse at 07:30!  But fear not, all is not lost as there are two options available.
– You can try and take off first in the next wave, and they can try and take off last in their wave.  You then walk fast and they walk slow until harmony is achieved.  or;
– They can transfer into the later wave with you as that one ain’t sold out.
So whilst we can’t add you, you certainly won’t be walking alone!

Q. Do we have to start a wave in our waveblock?
A. Our event director is devious and has become very adept at ‘wave jumping’ at other events, so knows what to look out for at the Lighthouse.  We strongly recommend you turn up for your set just prior, otherwise you could be waiting a long, long while for your wave!


The Course

Q. How long is the course?
A. The full L2s Walk is 27.5km.  The Half Walk is around 16.63km

Q. How fit do I need to be?
A. 27.5km fit within seven hours fit!  This is not a dawdle or a stroll, it’s a challenge.

Q. Will the course be marked out?
A. Due to the sheer length of the L2S Walk, we can’t put bunting up the whole way down the coast, but we will do our best putting signs up at turns and the like, and have an interactive map on the course page which you can bring up on your phone to make sure you’re on track.

Q. What do I have to bring?
A. Compulsory items: Water bottle or hydration pack, mobile phone, 8 x $2 coins
Recommended items: Hat and sunscreen, toilet paper, basic first aid gear like bandaids, spare socks and bus/taxi fare money or Opal card should you need to bail.

Q. Why for do we need to bring 8 x $2 coins?
A. Your coins are your way of saying “THANKS” to each of the the surf clubs along the way who’ll be looking after us and helping us out with water and first aid and safety and a bit of fruit. This will not be compulsory, but it will be something you simply HAVE to do on the day.

Q. Is there much climbing?
A. Early waves doing the full L2S Walk from the Lighthouse may have to climb up the equivalent of two or three stairs to get around the rocks below.


The most hardcore you’ll have to get on the L2S Walk!

Q. How much is on sand?
A. Roughly around 15.27km precisely for the full walk

Q. Do I have to wear shoes?
A. Highly recommended.  There is a bit of walking along streets and bush tracks.  Doesn’t mean you can’t take them off on the sandy bits!

Q. Will I get wet?
A. Only if you are a goose!  Keep the ocean on your left and you’ll be right, and do use the bridge at The Entrance!

Q. Are there toilets?
A. Only 107 or so!  These are all marked out on the course map

Q. Will there be water?
A. Yes, but in order to keep it simple for our surf club volunteers and to cut down on waste and litter, there won’t be the traditional cups of water on a table.  Instead, at each of the surf clubs and maybe at one or two other points we will have Water Refill Stations where a clubbie will be only too happy to refill your water bottle or hydration pack.  Some of these Stations may have fruit and lollies to refuel as well as rehydrate. These are all marked out on the course map

Q. Is the event timed?
A. Only if you have a Fitbit or Garmin or a stopwatch and hit ‘start’ as you leave the Norah Head and ‘stop’ as you arrive at Terrigal.  There will be no timing chips or results as the best result will be completing the challenge and enjoying the view!

Q. Is the L2S Walk wheelchair-friendly?
A. If you consider long stretches of sand, rocky headlands, bush tracks and stairs to be friendly then you and your wheelchair are more than welcome to come and partake.  You’ll still need to be finished by 5pm and be subject to everything everyone else is subject to on the day.

Q. Can I bring my dog?
Sadly, our event is not for furrykids as it passes through National Parks.  There are some great off-leash beaches and parks between Norah Head and Terrigal though, so leave puppy at home and take him back to one of them after the Walk.

Q. Can we run it?
A. No.  It is not a race.  Our insurance does not cover people who run.  There are no prizes for finishing first or fast, and actually if you do wanna hero yourself and run the whole way you’ll actually miss out medals and stuff as we won’t be ready for you by the time you get there.  If you are a keen trail runner then we recommend checking out the Rafferty’s Coastal Run.

Q. Is there a cut-off time?
A. You need to be at the top of The Skillion by 5pm. The last bus back to Norah Head takes off at this time, and finisher medals will stop being handed out. Most importantly, Mr Sun goes to sleep at 5:15pm.  If you have not arrived at the halfway point at Toowoon Bay by 1:30pm we will strongly advise you to withdraw.

Q. Will there be photographers on the course!
A. Yep, and all the photos will be uploaded onto our Facebook page where you can download them for FREE!  (just don’t ask them to take a photo for you on your camera or phone as they will be flat out already!)


Transportation & Logistics

Q. How do I get to the start or back to my car?
A. Red Bus Service will be running event buses both before and after the event.   Bus rides to the start before the Walk or back from the finish afterwards will be available to purchase HERE.

Q. What if I don’t make it the whole way?
A. Firstly, train up to increase your fitness so you stand a chance of making it the whole way.  Secondly, there are buses and taxis that can get you home if you need to bail, or you can phone a friend Eddie.

Q. Will there be somewhere to stash my gear?
A. We will not have a bag drop as you should be taking everything you need with you on the L2S Walk.  If you want to leave your hoodie or jumper or other Winter clothing at the start line then we will be only too happy to donate this to Coast Shelter for you at Soldiers Beach (and will be strongly encouraging that all Walkers wear something warm and preferably new for this very purpose!)

Q. Will there be food and drink and music at the finish?
A. Yep! Details are being worked out but we’re working on details!


The Fine Print

Q. Who is actually behind the L2S Walk?
A. This event is being run  by several local Central Coast residents:
– Chris Manning is a lawyer and current President of Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club;
– James ‘Dog’ Musgrave is a local businessman and patrolling member of Shelly Beach Surf Club;
– Bruce McLachlan is owner of a Central Coast real estate agency and supporter of Toowoon Surf Club;
– Joanne Musgrave is owner of www.shopnaturally.com.au and an associate member and sponsor of Toowoon Surf Club.


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