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With only a few sleeps to go before we go for a little stroll down 27.5km of Central Coast beaches and bushlands and the like, we’ve put together what we hope is the definitive Event Info email which will hopefully answer any and all questions about what’s happening this Sunday.

Yes, it’s a tad on the lengthy side, so grab a coffee or tea or hot chocolate, snuggle into your fave comfy chair and read on…


Since we don’t have thousands of participants taking part this year, we don’t need to have everyone collecting their event pack the day before and can just have everyone collecting theirs from the start line prior to lining up and hooning down the coast.

There will be rego tents set up at both Norah Head Lighthouse and North Entrance Surf Club from 6:30am and 9:00am respectively, where you can collect your bib and your buffs.

All you need to bring along is a form of ID.  You don’t need to bring a print out of your rego as we will have you all in the system.



If you are catching a bus from Terrigal before or after the Walk, they leaves from the foot of The Skillion at The Haven (https://goo.gl/maps/VZ7nitQ5BS82)

Bus drivers will have a list of names of people who have paid for their bum to be on the bus, so there’s no need for print-outs or tickets.  Just a form of ID will do in case we have a bunch of hungover revellers trying to scam a lift back north after a hard night at Terrigal.

For those wanting a ride up beforehand, there will be a bus leaving at 5:30am for those in the 7:00am wave to get on, one at 5:45am for those in the 7:15 wave and one at 6:00am for those starting at 7:30am.

They will all detour past North Entrance Surf Club for anyone who is doing the Half Walk at 9:30am and want to get there ludicrously early.  Make sure you tell Mr Bus Driver you’ll be disembarking when you get on so he will know to at least slow down to 20km/h for you to jump off.

There will be ONE post-Walk bus leaving The Skillion at 3pm taking people back to the start lines at North Entrance and Norah Head if you left your car there and don’t feel up to walking all the way back.  It will also swing by Shelly Beach Surf Club and collect any of you taking part in the Family Walk and take you back to North Entrance.

If you haven’t booked your bus by the time you are reading this you will have to make other arrangements as bus numbers have been finalised.

If grabbing a bus from Terrigal in the morning, we recommend parking in the free multi-level car park on Wilson Road (https://goo.gl/maps/ZM2TXpoWsqM2) if you are planning on having a post-walk refreshment at Crown Plaza’s Florida Beach Bar.

If you are driving to Norah Head and leaving a car there, please do not park in front of local residences. There will be no parking at Norah Head Lighthouse itself, and marshals will be at the park entrance at Bush Road to help you do a u-turn on

If you are being dropped off, please have your taxi, limo or Uber driver drop you off on Young St, Norah Head (https://goo.gl/maps/LUhKJN6Qz7G2)


From Norah Head, simply walk to the end of Bush Road to Norah Head Lighthouse and grab your bib and buffs.  When your wave block time hits, please congregate in front of the surf club tent adjacent to the cottages.  Every minute we will be cramming 20 people from that wave block into the tent, and every minute we will be sending them on their way.

Do not even think about sneaking into an earlier wave.  Our event organiser and start line co-ordinator is a notorious wavejumper, and knows how to deal with his deviousness like his own.  Your number on your bib indicates what wave you are starting in.  When you are ushered into the start tent our volunteers will make sure you are wearing the number range for that time wave block.


We didn’t do tees as part of your entry this year as we have a severe over-abundance of leftovers from last year and we knew that a lot of you probably have one from 2016 or 2017 (or both!)

Instead what we thought we’d do is offer last year’s tees for sale for $10 at both start lines for anyone who does not yet have an L2S tee and would like a wearable momento.

We will have both ladies and unisex styles in a wide variety of sizes.

We will also have WALK THE COAST caps for sale for just $10 as well.

Please bring correct change if you want to pick up a tee and/or a cap.


You may have noticed that the mornings have been somewhat spannerish lately.  The forecast temperature for Sunday is a low of 9 degrees warming up to 15 degrees.  Wear warm clothes to the Lighthouse, and start walking and warming up in them.  By the time you hit Soldiers Beach you should be toasty, and if you don’t want to carry your hoodie or tracksuit for another 26km you can throw away your winter clothing at the foot of the stairs below the patrol tower where the Coast Shelter signs are.

By ‘throw away’ we actually mean ‘donate’, as the worthy folk from Coast Shelter will be coming along after everyone has gone through and then taking those clothes to distribute amongst the most needy in our community.

And if that wasn’t enough of a guilt trip, we strongly recommend hitting up K-Mart or Target on Saturday and buying some brand new gear that you can just wear on the day and throw in the pile.  Think of it more as ‘renting’ than ‘buying’!


As we have mentioned time and time again, bringing along a bunch of $2 coins is not compulsory but it is something that simply has to be done.  As you approach each of the eight surf clubs along the way, you will see some cute nippers in front of you with tins.  This is where you drop your $2 coin.

Each club and will have water to refill your bottle or hydration pack, which you will need to bring as we have a ‘no-cup’ policy.

Some clubs may also have fruit and lollies.

For that matter, do not litter anywhere along our beautiful beaches or coast tracks.

Please ensure you bring a phone with you for the walk.  If for any reason there is an emergency during the walk please call 0400 073 236 and our communications coordinator will liaise with the relevant authorities to take care of you.

The course map is also interactive and online and viewable on any smartphone https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1QQ9zosd7qSVfYL7To2oH6_lPDp8&usp=sharing, although it will be a simple matter of following the people in front of you and keeping the ocean on your left.

In addition to the essential items of your phone, water bottle or hydration pack and your eight $2 coins, we also strongly recommend bringing hat and sunscreen, toilet paper, basic first aid gear like bandaids, spare socks and bus/taxi fare money or Opal card should you need to bail.

Much of the course is single file or public thoroughfares and not suitable for running.  We strongly encourage all participants to walk along these sections so as not to inconvenience other L2S Walkers or members of the general public, as nothing will sour the day as much as someone being skittled by an over-enthusiastic Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk participant!


You need to be past North Entrance Surf Club by 10:15am.  You need to be past Shelly Beach by 11:40am.  You need to be on Spoon Bay by 1:30pm and you need to be at the top of the Skillion collecting your medal by 2:45pm.

If you are not, our course sweeper may whack you on the butt with his broom!

So long as you manage to keep up a speed of 4km/h and cover each kilometre in 15 minutes then you will be able to make it in these times and will avoid the bristles.


Conversely, you don’t want to be too quick as you might get to the finish before the Nippers from Terrigal Surf Club lug your medals to the top of The Skillion.

We’ve also worked out the times for someone taking off in the first wave and hooning down the coast at 6km/h, and have asked the clubs to be set up at those times.  Try and be a hero or like that kiddie in The Avengers that runs really fast and you could be at each surf club before they are ready!

You don’t want to be at North Entrance before 8:30am.  You don’t want to be at Shelly before 9:30am.  You don’t want to be at the Forries TV Tower on Cromarty Hill before 10:15am and you don’t want to get to The Skillion before 11:30am.

If you find that you have been setting yourself a blistering pace, we recommend stopping and looking for whales for 20 minutes, or walk around in circles a bit.



The finish line is at the top of The Skillion.  Nippers from Terrigal Surf Club will be handing out your finish line medals from 11:30am until 2:45pm.

Once you have your medal and your finish line selfie taken, please do not loiter at the top of The Skillion too long.  The viewing platform up there is only so big, and not only will there be copious numbers of L2S Walkers heading up and down and saying ‘cheese’ but we do not have exclusive use of The Skillion and there will be members of the public enjoying the view as well.  Please be courteous and considerate and remember that you may well be very smelly.


Finding photographers has been hard this year, so we probably won’t have any official photographers taking official shots this time around.

It’s Selfie City for everyone.

The benefit of this is that it will force you to become BFF’s with your fellow L2S Walkers, so that they can get a shot of you and your gang posing at Crackneck if you do the same for them!

Feel free to hashtag your photos #L2SWALK18


If there’s a question burning away in your psyche that you feel we have not answered all pre-emptively like, please make sure it has not been addressed on the FAQ page of the L2S Walk website, and if not feel free to drop us a line at info@walkthecoast.com.au

Just bear in mind that it’s a bit of a frantic couple of days for us this close to the event, so the urgency of your enquiry will need to rate an 8 or better out of 10!

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