The 2017 Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk will have two starting points – one at Norah Head Lighthouse for those wanting to take on the full challenge of the 27.5km, and those wanting to start at Memorial Park at The Entrance and just do around 16km.

Those who do the Full L2S Walk will have a medal waiting for them at the top of The Skillion, those taking on the Half will receive dog tags.

Below is one reason why you’ll be carrying a phone with you on the walk.  The map is interactive and you can zoom in and out to make sure your little blue dot is on track.  You can even see where the nearest refills are and not only how far away you are from each toilet stop but how many toilets are actually on offer!

Not exactly sure why you’d need to know that, but we just really, really, REALLY want to keep you informed!

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