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On behalf of everyone who helped make the first Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk a reality, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for participating, and offer our wholehearted congratulations on taking on 27.5km of coastline (including 16.9km of sandy goodness).  Like many of you, we have been feeling the pain – although in all honesty we’re not sure if this is from the L2S Walk itself, or the fact that many of you have been sticking pins in voodoo dolls of us as they lay in an ice bath.  Bwahaha!

We can happily report that in addition to the event being a success with no major injuries or incidents and only a few hiccups here and there, we have raised $50,000 for Surf Lifesaving Central Coast, Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and Coast Shelter.  We will be getting it to them very soon, we just need to get one of those giant chequebooks from our bank.

Tis also worth noting that in addition to the money that they’ll be getting, we also had over 800 items of warm clothing donated to Coast Shelter.

Over the next few days will be asking you all to partake in a questionnaire on the Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk so we can find out from you all what you liked and what you think we could do better next year.  Trust us, we already know of a couple of things we can do to make an already awesome event even awesomer next year.

All the photos that we took over the day at the various locations will be processed and uploaded onto our Facebook page for your downloading, sharing and tagging enjoyment.  We look forward to seeing all your pics humblebragging your social media pages with the hashtag #L2SWalk soon.  Screw modesty – you know you rock!

Speaking of people that rock, we just have to say a big thanks to the plethora of people that helped make this happen in addition to all you masochists that took part:

  • Norah Head Lighthouse for letting us start on their land,
  • National Parks for letting us hoon through,
  • both of the former Central Coast Councils that have now become one,
  • Harris Farm for the awesomely refreshing fruit,
  • East Gosford Podiatry for setting up the station at Toowoon,
  • Remedy One Massage for the rubdowns at The Skillion (even if we didn’t get one),
  • Wamberal Rural Fire Brigade for warning you about cars through Forresters,
  • the photographers who were out there for hours on end,
  • John Ralph’s Camera House for the oodles of memory cards they needed,
  • Red Bus Service for all the Bussy McBusfaces,
  • Hot Chili Source for our event tees,
  • Long Jetty Hire for the loan of a trailer,
  • Shop Naturally for the pain relief wipes in the finish line goody bags,
  • All the other sponsors that helped out financially to get the whole damn thing going,
  • And all the surf clubs and their members that were involved: Lakes, Soldiers, North Entrance, The Entrance, Toowoon Bay, Shelly, Wamberal and Terrigal.

Now, we can appreciate many of you are waddling around like stoned penguins today, but in addition to letting you know you might want to pencil in the weekend of the 29th and 30th of July 2017 for another little stroll down the Central Coast, the first Blacksmiths 2 Breakwall Coast Walk is coming to Newcastle on 09th October this year.  If you have recovered sufficiently by then, our sister event the B2B Walk is about the same distance (with the same amount of sandy goodness – dammit!), and is also raising money for surf lifesaving, the rescue helicopter and other worthy charities.  Entries are open right now at www.blacksmiths2breakwallcoastwalk.com.au

So in conclusion, thank you thank you THANK YOU all for making the first Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk such a huge success, and we hope you’ll be back to join us for a little stroll down the beach in 2017.


Two of the most iconic landmarks on the Central Coast are Norah Head Lighthouse and The Skillion in Terrigal.  Separating these is 27.5km of gorgeous coastline taking in beaches and rocks, a clifftop walk through a national park, and a very handy bridge over The Entrance Channel.

In late 2015, a group of friends thought it would be a good challenge to walk from one to the other, and threw it out on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to come and do it unofficially.  Within a day, hundreds had indicated they were in or interested so plans were made to run it as an official fundraising event.

Thus – the Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk was born!

On Sunday 31st July 2016, thousands of Coasties and visitors to our part of the world will be departing Norah Head Lighthouse and travelling down the 27.5km of coastline to The Skillion, raising money not only for Surf Life Saving Central Coast and the surf clubs they will be passing on the way but also the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and Coast Shelter.

– Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk t-shirt
– Race number bib
– Water refills at surf clubs along the walk
– Free photos
– Insurance
– First Aid
– Finisher’s Medal
– Goody Bag
– Whales/dolphins to watch (*not a guarantee)
– Sand in your shoes (*guaranteed)

Come and be a part of it.  Registration is now open, and as long as you keep the sea on your left, you’ll be right!

Proudly raising money to be thrown at:
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